What is a louver?

What is a louver?

A “louver” is from the French word “l’ouvert” or “the open one” and is most often associated with interiors.

A window, blind or shutter with an arrangement of parallel horizontal and sometimes vertical blades or slats, made of plastic, glass, metal or wood and is designed to regulate ventilation or sunshine while keeping out elements such as dirt or water.

We have adapted the concept for exteriors – hardware to mount blades in a frame – and made it applicable to fences, gazebos, pergolas, etc.

FLEXfence rails can be easily cut and butted together to make a tall privacy screen.

When cutting and butting together make sure to cut the adjoining ends to create a 4″ space between the center holes.

Should you wish to move all the louvers together you can make a connector piece from the extra operating bar.

The connector piece should have 2 pre-punched holes. Attach the connector piece on the opposite ends of operating bar placement.


Create a shaded area for the hottest part of that day.



Protect yourself from a cold breeze by simply closing the slats.


Create a private space when using a hot tub or seating area


The prefect space for entertaining that can adapt for your needs

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