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What is a louver?

A “louver” is from the French word “l’ouvert” or “the open one” and is most often associated with interiors. A window, blind or shutter with an arrangement of parallel horizontal and sometimes vertical blades or slats, made of plastic, glass, metal or wood and is designed to regulate ventilation or sunshine while keeping out elements such as dirt or water. We have adapted the concept for exteriors – hardware to mount blades in a frame – and made it applicable to fences, gazebos, pergolas, etc.

Are there louvered pergola kits?

Our kit, the Flexfence Louver System can be adapted for any number of design projects, and is especially applicable for pergolas. We have a DIY plan in our website.

Can I make a louvered gate with this kit?

You certainly can. 

Can these be cut or added in line to make a 6 foot tall privacy screen?

Yes, the FLEXfence rails can be easily cut and butted together to make a 6 foot tall privacy screen.
When cutting and butting together make sure to cut the adjoining ends to create a 4″ space between the center holes. Should you wish to move all the louvers together you can make a connector piece from the extra operating bar. The connector piece should have 2 pre-punched holes. Attach the connector piece on the opposite ends of operating bar placement.

Can I make a louvered gazebo with this kit?

You certainly can. As a matter of fact, we showcase a few louvered enclosures and louvered gazebos that some of our customers have made in our Showcase section.

Can it be mounted horizontally between pergola rafters?

Yes, can be mounted horizontally. Once the rails and brackets have been mounted on your frames, measure the opening distance and cut your boards square and to length.

It is very important that the boards are not too long a span to prevent them from sagging.

Is the FLEXfence Louver System made out of metal?

FLEXfence components are made from exterior grade plastics.

Does the FLEXfence Louver System come in other colours?

Our louver system is only available in black as it has better UV properties than other colours.

Can you paint the FLEXfence Louver System?

Yes you can with plastic compatible paint.

Has the FLEXfence Louver System been performance tested?

Yes it has. FLEXfence has been independently tested. The results of Independent Product Testing ASTM E330-02(2010) can be found in the Hardware Section.

What dimensions of wood do the brackets accommodate?

FLEXfence has been designed to work with 1″ x 6″ fencing boards and/or 5/4” decking boards.

What is the maximum horizontal span for the slats?

If you are running the boards horizontally, we recommend shorter spans to help prevent sagging. Spans greater than 4′ are not recommended. The wood species also affects the wood span. PT lumber has a tendency to warp and/or twist when wet, whereas cedar and redwood are more stable. PT spans greater than 4′ are not recommended.

What if I need horizontal spans longer than 4' or 5'?

If it is not possible to shorten the spans than you can substitute the 1″ x 6″ with 5/4″ deck boards. The 5/4″ boards will be stronger and should be more stable. There may still be some sagging, depending on the length of the horizontal span.

What is the maximum vertical span for the slats?

We recommend a maximum span for vertical slats is 6′.

What are the best wood species to use with FLEXfence?

The choice of wood will depend on the application, the direction of the slats (horizontal vs vertical) and your budget. Cedar or Redwood are best as they have excellent exterior application qualities and tend not to warp. PT lumber is not recommended as it can warp or twist if not completely dried (internally).

Can FLEXfence be used with composite boards?

Composite boards should only run vertically because of the load, otherwise they will sag over time. If the boards run horizontally, the spans should be kept short because of the weight. Composite boards are not recommended for overhang applications.

What is the gap between the pre-punched holes?

FLEXfence pre-punched holes are 4″ apart. With wood attached, the gap in an open position is approximately 3 ¼”.s.

Can FLEXfence rails be cut?

FLEXfence rails can be easily cut using a hacksaw.

How do I put together several 4' kits of FLEXfence so it looks like a continuous run?

When butting pieces together, cut the adjoining ends to create a 4″ space between center holes.

Is there a mechanical method for opening and closing the louvers?

Simply open and close the louvers by grasping one of the slats.


Create a shaded area for the hottest part of that day.



Protect yourself from a cold breeze by simply closing the slats.


Create a private space when using a hot tub or seating area


The prefect space for entertaining that can adapt for your needs

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