Become a flex fENCE Stockist

The benefits

Flex Fence is already a popular product in the US and Canada and is stocked by Home Depot amongst other re-sellers and merchants. 

Flex Fence is a great product for businesses to stock and sell because established brands are already happy to sell and promote this great and unique product that is already packaged and ready to sell in store.

Plus as an added benefit from selling the kits is that customers will also purchase the materials needed to complete their projects. Items like timber for the slats, screws and furniture for using with the complete projects.

Each kit requires 11 slats per section so you can sell the customers these ready made and packed to go. Meaning as well as the profits from selling the Flex Fence kit you can also profit from the sale of the timber.


Why not sell online?

As stated above the major benefit to you and the customer is that they can buy everything they need from one location.

Another benefit is the savings from delivery costs. Due to the size of the Flex Fence kits, they can be expensive to ship throughout the UK and Europe. By having stockists we save on these costs and customers save money too.

Plus they can visit you and discuss their plans.

We can also help by having a list of stockists in set areas and promote this to customers looking to buy direct from you.

If you work for or own a building material suppliers, DIY store, timber merchant or run a business that could use a large number of these kits contact us today to discuss pricing and the benefits.


Create a shaded area for the hottest part of that day.



Protect yourself from a cold breeze by simply closing the slats.


Create a private space when using a hot tub or seating area


The prefect space for entertaining that can adapt for your needs

Contact us today and find out more about selling Flex Fence